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TTIHAKX2MZFixed an issue where the chair becomes unable to send meeting invitations to internet addresses when using Type-ahead
EPORAM7QV6[iNotes] Fixed a vulnerability with cross-site scripting
EPORALRQUE[iNotes] Fixed a vulnerability with cross-site scripting
AJVRAJCN6WFixed an issue where the Google Calendar Overlay in iNotes stops collecting events after 250 entries.
NNUZAG5A57Fixed an issue where the link was not created saving an attachment to Files
AJVRALXGQ8Fixed an issue where the spell check iNotes checks the entire email thread when replying to emails sent from outside of the Domino environment. This...
RSVEAKQSLC[iNotes] Fixed an issue where users are unable to open a counter notice
MSAHAKP8L2[iNotes] Fixed an issue where only the first day is displayed an iNotes group calendar
SDOYAHKBT7[iNotes] Fixed an issue where the INI Inotes_wa_novertlinereplyforward=1 does not work and vertical lines in iNotes replies and forwarded messages...
MSER8PDNBG[iNotes] Fixed an issue where users are unable to edit an existing meeting invitation to include conference call info or online meeting...
CSAO9WHASP[iNotes] Fixed an issue where the performance is slow when opening a message in a new tab on IE
FLIIA5FDJQFixed an HTTP crash on Lockhandle where the fullName field was not found during NAMELookup (where a da.nsf points to an LDAP server with no fullName...
JJCMAKV3DTFixed an issue where "Starts With" Window is not showing when pressing any letter or number key in a view/folder
JMDKAFRAWMiNotes - Fixed the error "Entry not Found in Index" when emptying the trash
RJDTAJZNXY[iNotes] Fixed an issue where a restricted room appears in the 'Find Rooms' dialog
TSAOACN68CFixed an issue where iNotes users are unable to open an archive if the local archive exceeds 4GB
TSAOALSDHK[iNotes] Fix a problem where the text in a plain text message is displayed with a larger font.
TKAAALLDDN[iNotes] Fix a problem where the preferences menu doesn't appear in the archive. This is a regression in 901FP7.
THIOAKYFHR[iNotes] Fixed an issue where double return receipts are returned when users open a group To Do doc with a return receipt
TCLE997LVE[iNotes] Fixed a Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
TITHADH9A7[iNotes] Fixed an issue where users were unable to mail when a comma was in the name
SLODAMNDM4[iNotes] Fixed a Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
KRAU9MXN4NFixed a potential Sync Manager crash when Full Text Index is enabled
YGAOAF5D7E[iNotes] Fixed an issue where the mail document opened in SC Web does not account for carriage returns.
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